Below you can find the shipping conditions and price tables for Greece, European Union and the rest of the world


For orders under 70,00 euro : 4 euro

For orders over 70,00 euro : free shipping

1-3 Business Days



* GROUP 1 European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden And United Kingdom

1-5 Business Days

0 KG - 5.0 KG10,90 €
5.0 KG - 10.0 KG14,90 €
10.0 KG- 20.0 KG29,90 €
20.0 KG- 100.0 KG99,90 €


Keep in mind: few cities are eligible to extra shipping costs from DHL courier, due to long distance between your location and your nearest DHL station. In that case we will inform you by email.



** GROUP 2  Malta, Cyprus, Norway and Switzerland:

1-8 Business Days

*** GROUP 3

Rest of Europe, Usa, Canada, Asia & Rest of the World:

6-28 Business Days

0 KG - 0.5 KG9,90 €9,90 €
0.5 KG - 1.0 KG12,90 €14,90 €
1.0 KG- 2.0 KG17,90 €29,90 €
2.0 KG- 3.0 KG34,90 €34,90 €
3.0 KG- 5.0 KG49,90 €49,90 €
5.0 KG- 20.0 KG109,90 €109,90 €






International orders are subject to import taxes, duties and customs taxes, which are applied once your shipment reaches the country of destination.

As the buyer, you should be aware of:

- Delivery address mistakes during the checkout process.

- Possible delays from customs inspection.

- Import duties and taxes which buyers must pay.

- Brokerage fees payable at the point of delivery.

Unclaimed or refused orders

In case you did not claim your order (due to false address) or refused to pay all applicable import-customs taxes and the package returns to us, we will have to charge you for the original shipping cost of your order and for the shipping and handling back to us.


*Applicable only for Greece offers you very low or no charges (for orders over 70 euros) for this service.

If you return part or all products of your order, take into account that the shipping cost is refundable.

Please note that even in the case you were not originally charged with the shipping cost of your order (free shipping for orders over 70 euro), has the right to withhold (not refund) this cost as well as any additional costs for other services (cash on delivery/ defined time/ gift package). In this case the refund will be equal to the remaining amount after withholding extra costs.

In case of large volume/ heavy* or great product value**, has the right to:

1. Search alternative ways of shipping.

2. Request payment as high as to 50% of the order's value.

3. Charge total shipping expenses (over 4 euro in case of return or change).

In any case we will contact you to inform you.

* large volume/ heavy is considered a 3KG or more parcel.

** great product value is considered a 300 euro or more order.